FdA Roots and Popular Music

Dominic had heard good things about our music tutors and NCD being close to home was the cherry on top.

Dominic said:

“My music tutors were among the nicest and most genuine lecturers I have ever been taught by. This made it an easy decision to progress from Level 3 to a degree – a few of my friends joined the University Centre with me too.

“The quality of teaching was fantastic, and I really enjoyed each unit on the degree course. There was a perfect balance of practical and academic work which allowed me to gain first-hand experience of working in a professional music environment. We recorded music in industry standard studios in college and performed gigs at the Gala Theatre in Durham. This provided me with an insight into how professional live shows are prepared behind the scenes, with stage mixing, lighting, and management.

“Personally, what I loved the most was the laidback atmosphere of the sessions with the tutors, as well as the writing, recording and producing of new sounds. I felt supported throughout and truly experimented with my style.

“I have progressed to study a PgCE so I can go into teaching. None of this would be possible without everything I learned at NCD. I plan to teach part-time, and work freelance as part of a recording studio team whilst playing and recording music with my band.