T-Level Healthcare Science

Alicia was able to interact with different employers and gain valuable experience with patients thanks to the opportunities presented via T-Levels.

 We spoke to Alicia about her experiences of undertaking a T-Level.

"I study a T-level Healthcare Science course at New ƵAPP Durham. I started my T-level course in September 2022, and I am currently in my second year. T-levels are a technical course allowing students to gain both theory and practical experience within two years. As part of the course, I must complete 315 placement hours over the course of two years.

I wanted to do T-levels because it allows me to gain the knowledge from the theory and practical aspects of health and science. It also allows me to experience real life situations within healthcare and how it affects the patients. T-levels have allowed me to see first hand the impact decisions have on patients. Personally, I find T-levels are good because they are exam based. This means we are assessed on both practical and written exams, allowing us to put into practice what we have learnt in the classroom and whilst on placement.

I am currently at placement at the University Hospital of North Durham (County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust) in the pathology department. I have already completed a two-week block placement here in October and have a further two-week block placement in February. I enjoyed this placement as I have an interest in the workings of the science labs within hospitals. This placement has so far educated me on the different departments in the blood science labs, where I have gained valuable knowledge on different tests carried out, what results mean for the patients and how vital it is that the quality of work produced in the laboratory is of the highest of standards. I particularly found the department of biochemistry interesting in the blood science labs because they can test for almost every hormone and substance in the body.

Once I have finished my T-level course, I would like to go to university to carry out my studies in the field of biomedical science. I’d really like to study biomedical science as I have always enjoyed science and specifically biology. The placement in the pathology departments has really helped me come to my decision by reaffirming my interest in biomedical science. Furthermore, I would like to branch off into biochemistry in university due to my experience in the pathology laboratory.

Overall, T-levels have been good for me because it has opened new opportunities for me and shown me different routes into a career. It has allowed me to interact with different employers as well as gaining valuable experience with patients. I would recommend T-levels for any potential student that would benefit from a hands-on education."

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