Mock interviews

New ƵAPP Durham recently played host to mock interview event organised by the North East Universities Collaboration Programme (NEUCP) and New ƵAPP Durham’s Advice, Support and Careers team (ASC). The event aimed to empower students by refining their employability skills and enhancing their confidence through simulated job interview experiences.

The college received overwhelming support from more than 20 employers, including prominent organisations such as St Cuthbert’s Hospice, Durham County Council, Radisson Blu, and Durham Mental Health Alliance. The collaboration with these respected employers added a real-world dimension to the mock interviews, enriching the students' learning experience.

The feedback from the event was fantastic. Employers were highly impressed by the well-mannered, composed, and polite demeanour of the students. Furthermore, they noted the students' passion for their chosen subjects, highlighting a commendable level of dedication.

Graeme Welsh, representing Karbon Homes, expressed his admiration, stating, "All of the students were great! I was really impressed with them. They were very motivated, and it was clear that they had clear long-term goals." This sentiment was echoed by other employers, creating a positive buzz around the students' performance.

Ruby Turner, a Level 3 Business student at New ƵAPP Durham, participated in the mock interviews and was interviewed by Donna from Mental Health Matters. Reflecting on her experience, she said, "The session really inspired me to be better at future job interviews. Donna was lovely to speak to, and she gave me some useful advice about what employers are looking for."

Donna Minnis from Mental Health Matters, commended the initiative, stating, "This was a fabulous opportunity for the students. They should be proud of themselves. Ruby delivered an excellent interview today."

John Richardson, NEUCP Coordinator, provided insight into the scale of the event, saying, "We had over 150 students involved today, receiving interviews from 19 local employers. All the curriculums involved can be very happy, as our students did the college proud. Events like this help the students get ready for their next steps."

The success of the mock interview event reflects the commitment of New ƵAPP Durham and NEUCP to provide students with practical experiences that will serve them well in their future careers. Congratulations to all the students who participated, demonstrating their readiness for the professional world!