Our visual arts degree students travelled to Leeds to explore the city’s culture and art. From historical fine art pieces to modern and sculpture installation art, the students rediscovered their love for art at the Leeds Art Gallery and Henry Moore Institute of Sculpture.

A tailored guided tour from an experienced art historian and curator encouraged discussions in line with the group’s Contextual Influences and Critical Study Modules for this semester.

Visual Arts trip to LeedsThe feedback from the group was incredibly positive and it was great to get the students out of the classroom.

Nathan, Visual Arts student, commented:

“I really enjoyed visiting the art galleries - it was my first time experiencing something so magical and eye-opening. Seeing the old art up close in person really helped me see the strokes of paint and the scale of the paintings surprised me. Looking at the sculpture exhibitions really changed my perspective on what art can be. It taught me that if your creation can communicate an idea or message, it can be considered art. It's really inspired me and has influenced me in wanting to explore the world of art much deeper.

“The visit to Leeds was very beneficial to me, in many ways. Exploring aspects of art and sculptures I never thought about has changed my outlook on art itself, which excites and inspires me to strive to create pieces outside of my comfort zone and learn as much as possible. Not only has my opinion of art changed, but the conversations we had about the techniques also made art much more interesting, for example, the use of composition can create an actual, reactive response to the piece - or how seemingly random mark-making can spark a conversation or create a visual interest.”

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