free uni centre hoodies 23 2This year all students enrolling at NCD University Centre, on degree level programmes* in September are being given a free hoodie. The idea for the hoodies came from one of the University Centre’s Social Work students, Vic Atkinson. Vic suggested to her course tutor, Melanie Lauderdale that we should give students an NCD hoodie to create a clear identity and the idea was brought to life.

The Senior Leadership Team at the ƵAPP agreed the hoodies were a great idea. Peter Morrison, Vice Principal for Higher Education commented: “Within the University Centre we have our own identity which is distinct from the main ƵAPP. We have our own building with our own study spaces and our student body is diverse. When the idea of the hoodies was presented to us, we thought it was a fantastic way to celebrate the identity of our University Centre students and to enhance the higher education community and culture.

“We always try to listen to feedback from our students and implement ideas where possible. Therefore, it’s been great to bring this, idea to life.”

The hoodies are being given out to new and returning students so everybody can feel part of NCD University Centre. If you’ve not yet received yours, speak to your course tutor.

*exc. full cost courses