L1 ICT EDI competition winners 1Our Level 1 ICT students were awarded first place for Level 1 submissions in NCD’s Equality Diversity and Inclusion competition.

The focus of the competition was ‘Education’ and the group decided that race and religion are two protected characteristics that are at the root of a lot of hate crime, particularly in the North East.

After conducting further research, they worked as a team to produce ‘Society Jenga’ – an educational game of Jenga consisting of images, facts and statements to raise awareness.

Using wood blocks meant the team were able to print by mirroring the text and images and then applying the paper to the wood using a special transfer medium. Once thoroughly dried, the group then washed away the paper to leave just the print on the Jenga blocks – a lengthy and messy but fun process!

L1 ICT EDI competition winners 2The students were delighted to place first in the competition and are yet to decide what they will do with their £50 Amazon voucher. The £50 charity donation of the prize went to Teenage Cancer Trust.

Jayden Walton, Level 1 ICT student, commented:

“It was a fun, creative project and the research opened everyone’s eyes to the extent of the problem. We educated ourselves while working to educate others. I was excited to see how the blocks would look once the paper was washed away! We’re thrilled that we won!”