Funding your study

There are a number of support options for students who need them. Please don’t let the cost of studying stop you from continuing your education. With our affordable tuition fees, bursaries, and schemes, we can help you finance your education.

At New ƵAPP Durham, we help everyone to create better lives through education.

The cost of education should never stop those who want to from gaining new skills and qualifications.

There are a number of ways to fund your studies, and we offer a range of schemes aimed at supporting students who may struggle financially.

From bursaries to loans and childcare or travel support, through schemes of our own and national initiatives, there are financial support options available for those who need them.

Advanced Learner Loans for Further Education

If you are aged 19 or over and a UK resident, an Advanced Learner Loan could cover some or all of your further education fees. They are not means tested, don’t require a credit check, and are for those enrolling on a Level 3–6 course, like A levels, Access to HE Diplomas and other Vocational Qualifications.

Financial Help for Higher Education

Financial help is available through Student Finance England for students on higher education courses who meet set criteria. For those who qualify, different types of loans cover your course fees as well as living costs. You’ll also find information here for grants available for students completing higher education courses, covering things like childcare and costs associated with having an adult dependent.


Bursaries cover costs for expenses such as transport, uniform, equipment, and lunch, easing financial pressures that might prevent a student from reaching their potential. At New ƵAPP Durham, we can help you access different kinds of bursaries depending on your specific needs. Find out more about what’s available.

Assistance with Childcare 

Students with a low income are eligible for financial help towards the cost of childcare. There’s a scheme for those aged 16-19, and another for anyone aged 20 or over. Find out how to access them both here.

Free Meals

Students aged 16-18 who are enrolled on a full time course might qualify for free meals at college, up to the value of £5.

Travel Scheme

Students aged 16-19 on 31 August, living more than three miles from campus, can access a bus pass for travel to and from college.