New ƵAPP Durham has signed up to the Disabled Students Commitment and intends to implement an Action Plan with an annual review process to monitor and improve compliance. 

Across all DSC commitments New ƵAPP Durham has good compliance in policy areas and practices.

The areas where we have strong and well embedded compliance are formal events, facilities, compliance with the OIA Good Practice Framework and Learning Support Policy and Procedures. Our Action Plan will monitor approved processes and increased effective communication would further improve compliance.

Our Policy compliance is good, and we are committed to revising our policies in relation to the DSC as they come up for review.

We have lower compliance in relation to aligning procedures and sharing student data between processes. In our action plan we will identify areas where we could improve sharing.

We have lower compliance in relation to designing accessible assessments.  Our Action Plan will address this area.

The Disabled Student Commitment