Health and Safety

New ƵAPP Durham building


New ƵAPP Durham is a safe place.


We work hard to make it so, and we rely on the combined efforts of our staff, students and visitors to keep the college safe, putting the welfare of everyone here above all else.




 Our Health & Safety Handbook details all the ways we mitigate risk, including information on how to behave, how to get help if you need it, and how to act in emergencies.  A copy of the full Health & Safety handbook is available on request.

If you have to leave college quickly, follow the green and white running man signs which are all around college. 

New ƵAPP Durham

If you see a fire, you and anyone else in the area must move to safety and contact a member of staff immediately. You can call 0191 375 4433 to reach staff if you need to.

If you see anything you believe to be dangerous, please report it at once on 0191 375 4433.

Your health and safety is our top priority.

Students and staff on campus all follow the same guidelines to keep each other safe:

  • No aggressive behaviour
  • Smoking on campus is only permitted in the designated smoking area
  • No alcohol or illegal drugs.

Health and Safety Information for Visitors

pdf Please click here for further information. (750 KB)

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